How I Hope Blogging Will Be in 2018

by - Thursday, February 15, 2018

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There are a lot of things I wish that the blogging community would focus less on and focus more on, so here's the ways I hope blogging will change in the next year

Less hauls, more usage
I admit, I really like my fair share of hauls, but not when they're happening every week because it's unrealistic to have that much makeup, and makeup is meant to be used because it all has an expiration date. I really hope that Project Pans will be more popular, or generally makeup usage posts.

Focus on current events
When net neutrality was repealed back in December, I was appalled that only a few beauty bloggers I follow were tweeting about it. I find it quite disheartening that bloggers don't talk about current events because they are quite important and some can even impact their careers.

Focus on important causes
Tying in with current events, it shocks me that few beauty bloggers blog about mental health. Mental health is a real thing and I've wanted to start focusing on it more as most bloggers are either working full time and making their blog a part time job, they are full time bloggers and mostly home bound, or they're students. Mental health is also important as nowadays things are much more stressful.

Focus on minimalism 
I've found myself surprisingly focusing more on minimalism as I've stopped buying makeup and clothes (only to replenish what I have or if I want a product which is rare these days) due to unemployment, and I've really started to appreciate the minimalism approach some bloggers have taken.

How do you hope blogging will change in 2018?

Winnie x

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