Results From My Digital Declutter

by - Monday, March 05, 2018

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After reading Tenniel's post on her digital declutter, I decided to have a digital declutter of my own as it has been far too long since I have done one.

First I started with Instagram, and I ended up unfollowing over 100 profiles on there simply because I didn't buy anything from the brand, they were uninspiring to me, or they haven't posted in three months.

Next up was Bloglovin, and on there I unfollowed well over 20 accounts as I discovered that some didn't post since December of last year, or earlier! I also unfollowed blogs that I no longer found interesting and was just scrolling past quickly to get to the end of the post.

I unliked several pages on Facebook, which means that my personal Facebook feed will be less cluttered. As for Twitter, I unfollowed several accounts (some I don't even remember following) because I haven't seen any tweets from them in my feed and I find them uninteresting.

On Snapchat, I unsubbed from a few people and brands I don't find interesting anymore, and same goes for Youtube. For Youtube, I unsubbed from people who I felt like I didn't relate with anymore for the most part, and I know people change as their following grows, but I feel like most of that change was not towards my taste.

Decluttering my accounts made space for blogs and accounts to follow that I truly love instead of following who's popular at the time.

Instagram: 555
Twitter: 309
Bloglovin: 440
Youtube: 135

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