A Massive Blog Shake Up!

by - Wednesday, July 18, 2018

As the title says-a huge shake-up has happened!

I have deleted roughly half my posts.

I've also deleted the corresponding posts on my Facebook and Bloglovin pages.

I know I might look crazy, but I've really had enough of "noisy" blogging. What I was posting was lasting only 24 hours and was adding ZERO value to the blogging world. I've listened to plenty of creative podcasts and reading blogs focused on minimalism, so I decided to have this complete overhaul of my blog.

I also have decided that I need a change in blogging schedule. I already have a lineup of posts scheduled until August, but from then on out, I will post once every other day. This is so my posts will have more quality to them instead of mindless fluff that I feel forced to get out to get views for my blog. I really want my posts to be meaningful, and all I was posting was meaningless hauls which only made me happy for 30 minutes or reviews of new products. That is simply unrealistic to most people my age who either have jobs or are in school studying.

I'm done blogging just for a few hundred views. I want my blog to be something I can be proud of down the line.

I hope you guys hang in for this slow but wild ride!

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