Am I Done With Blogging?

by - Monday, July 30, 2018

If you're a reader of my blog, you'll have noticed that 90% of my posts have disappeared. That's because I found them to be noise, and I have deleted the posts that don't do well, but I've noticed even with me writing more meaningful content, my views have not improved one bit. I don't know what I have done wrong, but it made me think about whether or not I should just stop blogging. 

A lot of bloggers have quit their blogs entirely, and the number one reason for this is because it's no longer fun. I feel the same way. It was fun in the beginning when I could share what I had in my collection, but somewhere along the line, beauty blogging became more difficult to keep up with. It became a "look at my new purchase" zone instead of "look at what I put on my face today!". That really sapped the fun out of being a beauty blogger because it now gave the impression that in order to be a beauty blogger, you had to go out and buy new things every week, when that simply isn't true. Having that in mind, I tried to switch from being a beauty blogger to introducing other categories onto my blog such as fashion, lifestyle, and more personal things, but that didn't work. 

Suffice to say, it's come down to the moment where I tried (I mean I really TRIED) to start over, but to no avail. I was still yielding 20-30 posts as last time, and it's been like that ever since I started. Having consistently low view counts for 3 years while promoting on Instagram and Twitter, and more recently, Facebook, really discouraged me and I considered quitting many times. I even activated sharing my blog posts to Pinterest to see if that would help anything, and it did help a little bit, but still wielded the same results. I am no longer promoting my blog posts on Instagram and I have deleted my Twitter account. 

So am I done with blogging? At the time, I'm not sure. I have debated on posting a message saying that I am taking a hiatus of unknown length, other times I thought about posting a message that I would no longer be posting on the blog. Maybe it's because there's simply no room for bloggers anymore, or it's something else, but I do feel quite done with the blogging world. I have decided to just stop scheduling my posts ahead of time after the last of my pre-scheduled posts go up (or I should just publish all my pre-scheduled posts now, I'll decide later) and I have decided to write whenever I feel like it (except in class). There's no point in forcing myself to hold off posts just because I'm afraid I'll post too many times in a day. Also, there's no point in forcing myself to write a post if I'm not really feeling it. The reason why I deleted all of my beauty posts is because I felt forced to write them because if I didn't write, I didn't get views, but the posts I wrote were nonsense and just filled a non-existent void. I will still be writing makeup posts, but only posts that I feel are not noise, and posts that I would feel happy to have on my blog. I will not do multiple reviews, because it's just not realistic, and it put a huge drain on my bank account. I felt like I had to buy multiple products to keep my blog relevant, and now I know I don't have to. 

I hope this clears up any confusion you might have had in regards to me deleting all my posts from my Facebook page or my Bloglovin account. 

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