Five Reasons Why The Block Button Is Your Best Tool On Social Media

by - Friday, July 27, 2018

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On every social media platform, there is always some form of the "Block" button, and I have found this feature incredibly useful and here are five reasons why everyone should be using it.

It cuts down on drama
Every beauty blogger knows that drama starts because someone either started a rumor, there was a misunderstanding, etc. etc.. I feel like everything could be avoided by talking it out in private, but of course, it's very rare to talk to someone over private message because drama is made for calling people out. That's when the block button comes in handy. You can just block the person who started the rumors, and they won't be able to see your profile, or your photos if you're on Instagram.

You won't see what they've written
Have you ever unfollowed someone, only to have curiosity take over and you look at their profile only to see they've written something nasty about you enough to make your blood boil? Blocking avoids all that. Out of sight, out of mind.

You won't see what your ex gets up to 
Some people would rather stay friends with their exes, and that's fine, but some people fly off the handle when they see that their ex has a new fling. Blocking your ex prevents you from checking their profile, and it'll prevent them from stalking you.

People won't stop arguing
This is the prime reason why I use the block button. People don't know when to stop arguing, and by blocking them it stops the argument and they won't be able to see your stuff, and you won't be able to see their responses.

I've had this happen in the past where I had an account follow, unfollow, and follow the next day, so I blocked them the minute I caught on. Follow/unfollows are very annoying to me and I'd rather save myself the trouble of looking at that notification the next time it pops up.

Have you ever blocked someone on social media before?

Winnie x

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