Five Things To Consider Before Becoming A Blogger

by - Saturday, July 21, 2018

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I'm pretty sure by now every girl and her mother must have their own little space on the internet. Being a beauty blogger is fun, but it's not the glamorous unwrapping 15 PR packages a day kind of glamorous, and there are some things to consider before you bite the bullet and create your own beauty blog 

You don't need a fancy thousands of dollars DSLR camera to own a blog. Your phone camera will usually do the trick most of the time, and I actually do rely on my phone for photos. At the rate that phones are improving their cameras, there's no need to invest in a camera unless you really want to take blogging seriously. 

You won't get paid for the first few years
It's been three years since I started my blog and I still haven't earned a penny from it. All the products I have are bought from my own money. This is where affiliate links come into play, and they are useful, but unless you have tons of traffic, you won't get a lot of clicks in the first few years. 

Pitching out collabs
Sometimes, it's a good idea to pitch an idea, but the thing is to do it professionally, as if you were pitching to an actual person who was your actual boss. Be professional, and be polite, and the worst they could do is say no, but don't slander them on social media because if people see your dirty laundry aired on your public social media files, there's a good chance that you'll get less offers because of the temper tantrum you threw on social media. 

Stay out of drama
If you've ever been on twitter, oh boy, drama sure goes down ranging from other bloggers catting at each other, to bloggers having disputes with PR companies and airing it on social media. To stay out of drama, don't comment on anything because it can be very difficult to decipher your true intentions online, and what you meant to say can be completely misinterpreted by another person. Try to deal with confrontations and issues in private as much as possible. 

Blogging isn't a competition
Just because you've been blogging for three years and have 10k followers while another blogger has been blogging for 6 years ad has 20k doesn't mean your blog is crappy. It just means that the other blogger has been blogging for far longer, has more experience in this industry, and has worked hard for them. The one thing that I find sad, and one of the factors that fuels blogger drama is that everything feels like a competition-the fight for that coveted trip to the Maldives with Benefit, or that trip to NYC with L'oreal, and who can reach 100k the fastest-and it's unhealthy and dangerous as you can easily fall into the trap of comparing yourself to the girl who's been blogging for 8 years and makes it seem effortless, but I assure you most bloggers who have reached what is essentially stardom started like you-a student, or working full time and who could only afford Rimmel makeup or H&M clothes. 

Do you have any other tips & tricks for new bloggers or readers who are thinking about starting a blog?

Winnie x 

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  1. This is a good cautionary post. Thankfully, I haven't encountered blogger drama personally but the competition thing is real and hard to ignore x