My First Ever Coffee Scrub

by - Thursday, July 26, 2018

I've never tried a coffee scrub before, and I noticed that Ulta have done a new body range called Body Smarts, and they have a coffee scrub, so when it went on discount during the 21 Days of Beauty, I snagged up their Energizing Coffee Scrub.

The packaging itself is quite simple and sleek, and it looks more like a jam jar. 

The coffee scrub contains Caffeine to energize skin, Natural Oils to soothe and nourish, and Vitamin E to fight off free radicals. 

The scrub itself looks like coffee grounds, and when not wet, it smells like a mocha. I tried it out, and when in water, the scrub does smell more like a home brew and less like a mocha, and it's also quite messy and harsh, so this is a scrub you want to use once a week at most, but it makes my skin feel quite nice and smooth afterward. 

Do you have this Ulta Coffee Scrub? Have you tried a coffee scrub before?

Winnie x 

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