The Back To University Checklist

by - Saturday, July 21, 2018

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This month seems to be the month where all the uni related posts come out because I'm pretty sure in the upcoming weeks some of you guys will be starting uni for the first time or you will be returning to uni, and I've decided to throw together a checklist as I'm going back to uni myself for the first time in two years (or I will already have started, who knows?)

If you are completely brand new or a transfer student, going to an orientation is a good idea, that way you have a feel of how you can enroll in classes, what student life is like, and so on and so forth.

Register for classes
If you know exactly what classes you want to take, great! You can enroll online on your university's student web platform. If you're like me and have absolutely no clue what classes to take first and the idea of designing your own schedule kind of freaks you out, make an appointment with your academic advisor. Their job is to help students like you and I succeed, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

Student ID
If you're new or a transfer student, it's a good time to get your student ID if your college requires one, or it's a good time to replace it if your current ID is not looking up to snuff.

Books and supplies
This is the most important part of enrolling in school, and that's getting your textbooks which will most certainly weigh you down. Can't learn without those textbooks, eh? If you're a chemistry or biology major, you will need a lot more than textbooks and get lab coats and gloves.

Work on campus/Co-Op program 
If you're interested in the idea of working on campus or enrolling in a co-op program where you work in place of getting credits, visit your campus's career or financial aid services. They will be able to help you there.

Scholarships and grants
This is the prime time to try and get a scholarship or a grant to cut down your education costs.

Get your parking permit
If you are planning on driving your own car to campus and they require a parking permit, now is the time to apply for one.

Wait for classes to start
Have you completed everything? Great! Now to wait until classes start...

Are you enrolling in university?

Winnie x

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