When You Feel Discouraged About Your Blog

by - Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Feeling discouraged about your blog is unfortunately quite common these days because with the rise of Youtube, nobody seems to be reading blogs anymore, but now with the rise of IGTV, even YouTubers are having a run for their money, and bloggers are having it worse because people want to consume content that is 3-5 minutes long, and most blog posts take a few minutes to read top to bottom. That's not the only reason people feel discouraged about their blogs; it seems like there's no room for bloggers now in the beauty community. Big bloggers are raking in all the cash while smaller bloggers like myself are struggling to even a few thousand views per day.

Don't focus on the numbers
One of the primary causes of people feeling discouraged by blogging is numbers. With blogging, much like Youtube, the numbers fluctuate daily. For example, one blog could have 1000 views one day, but the next day they could only get 500. Don't focus on the numbers as much as the content you have on your blog. The reason why I have decided to drastically change the way I do content is because I wasn't happy with the content already on my blog. All the content on my blog was simply noise to me, and most of my reviews weren't really reviews. They were short blurbs and there were no wear tests, so they were really more on the first impressions side rather than a thorough review. If you have content that you are proud of on your blog, then numbers don't mean a thing.

Don't ghost your readers
Ghosting your blog is the worst thing that you could do if you have a steady viewership. I've followed some blogs that the blog writer eventually ghosted, and it really did hurt a bit because I honestly loved their content, but had no desire to follow them again because they hadn't posted for a few weeks or months and didn't leave an explanation why. By ghosting your readers, you are telling them that they are no longer worth making content for. If you are going to take a short break from your blog, you should at least leave a post explaining that you are going to be taking a break and will be back soon, or if you don't know when you'll be back, explain that you are not sure when you'll be back, but you will post when you can. It's very understandable to feel frustrated about the blogging world at times, but it's never okay to ghost your blog.

Everyone started out where you are
Every blogger and Youtuber started out with zero followers and worked hard to build their following. Sure, some blogs might grow faster than others, and some blogs might take years to get to a certain number, but if you remember that everyone started out in the same boat, then it is more encouraging and may push you to work harder on your blog.

How do you handle feeling discouraged by your blog?

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