Why I Cleared My Instagram Photos & How To Keep Your Profile Curated

by - Friday, July 27, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug: I'm writtenbywinnie) you'll have noticed that I've deleted roughly 2/3 of my photos. There's a reason for doing that, as I do have a reason for doing everything nowadays (jokes).

One of the big reasons why I deleted so many photos is that I realized that I was simply posting photos just for the sake of posting photos and getting likes. I used to be such a product pusher, and I used to take really crappy, with-flash-on photos just to put something on the 'gram the next day. I realize how unrealistic this is for people who have to pay their own rent, and I have since stopped.

The second reason why I've deleted so many photos is that some photos remind me of ex-friends, and I am the type of person who doesn't let you back in most times when you're out of my life. You're out, that's it.

The third reason is that I posted way too many selfies. There's only so many selfies that I can take before I get sick of seeing my own mug, so I deleted those too.

So, with those reasons aside, let's see how you can curate your feed.

Don't take pictures just for the sake of the 'gram. 
Don't take photos just for Instagram. I used to think as though I were an influencer, and that became really unhealthy as I was spending tons of money on makeup and clothes I didn't even need in the first place, and the worst part is that while those influencers were getting those items for free, I was spending all my hard earned pennies on junk, essentially. Don't take pictures just for the social media likes, because those don't determine your clout. I also deleted photos I'd used from Tumblr and We Heart It.

Delete pictures that don't make you happy, or that bring back bad memories
You wouldn't want to keep any traces of a bad relationship around, so delete those pictures that cause you to feel sad, angry or any other negative emotion when you look at them.

Take pictures in natural light
A lot of my photos were taken with flash photography, so of course I ended up deleting those. Flash photography is not desirable when photographing beauty products because flash usually distorts the true color of the product anyway.

Have you done an Instagram photo clearout before?

Winnie x

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