Why Is Blogging So Frustrating & A Follow Up

by - Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The past few months or so, blogging has been frustrating, not only for me but for some others as well. Some of us work hard just for all that work to go to waste as we get practically no views and engagement. After reading several posts about blogger frustrations including this one written by Julie from Table for Two and this one by Hannah from Hannah the Mad Dog, I decided to follow up on this post that I wrote yesterday.

The reason why blogging no longer feels fun is because of something Julie mentioned in her post: that everything feels robotic. That really struck a chord with me, because I didn't realize until a few days ago how robotic the blogging community feels. I used to blog about beauty, and don't get me wrong, I still love makeup and beauty, but it's so hard to write about beauty without sounding like a lipstick-donning robot that writes about her top five nude lipsticks or her favorite autumnal eyeshadow palettes like everyone else. I deleted almost all my beauty posts after realizing how robotic and unauthentic each post sounded. I was horrified that I could put such posts out-sounding exactly like a TV advert trying to get you to buy my favorite Milani lipstick or my favorite Urban Decay palette. I also realized that every beauty blogger has a similar style of photographing-perfect marble countertops, perfect white everything, that I thought I was seeing the same image twice until I realized that they were from two different bloggers. This robotic-ness is also why I stopped watching Youtube. It feels all fake and too commercial, quite a different direction from where it was about 5 years ago.

I have also been quite quiet on Instagram as well, and that's because of two reasons. The first reason is the ever-changing algorithm which loves making people feel like they're not enough. I've seen so many Instastories about people asking whether or not their audience could see their post that it made me angry at Instagram for a bit. Instagram seems to only show the posts of people who utilize every aspect of their platform: IGTV, Instastories, the regular photo sharing part...and it's frustrating! The second reason is that people seem to have a shorter attention span-they would rather watch a 1 minute Instagram video of a girl who poured way too much liquid highlighter on her face than read a well-written blog post.

Another point that Julie mentioned is the abundance of miracle six-figure salary in a few months stories. Sorry, but that's simply unrealistic. I've seen so many get-rich-quick schemes, and 99% of the time those are fake. Unless you got a small six-figure loan from your parents (overdone slightly political joke), then you aren't going to make six figures with your blog, unless you're really lucky or have been doing the thing for years.

The last thing I realized, both by reading other posts and by writing my own, is how much I realized how little of an impact I made in the blogging community. How many people actually buy that MAC lipstick you reviewed or that new Anastasia palette? The answer is sadly, and truthfully, either a small percentage or zero. A post about lipstick isn't going to help anyone, which is why I pretty much stopped writing about beauty.

I want people to see that I'm not just some makeup-pushing robot, but the lack of views and the lack of engagement on the other topics I've written about stings a lot. It's like the algorithm is telling me to only write about my top five red lipsticks, which I don't want to do. Writing about makeup all the time is boring, to be frank. Who can write about makeup for weeks at a time before they want to write about something else? I also like anime, I'm a student, and I've been recently getting into the idea of simplifying my life and becoming minimalist, so why can't I write about those too? The lack of engagement is frustrating, and even though I don't show it in this blog, it has definitely affected my motivation to blog, to the point where I considered completely deleting this blog and going off the internet.

I will be posting less as I try to figure out not necessarily where I want my blog to go, but what I could post about that could help people because I don't want to sound like a robot. I want to write about things I love, which just doesn't revolve around makeup.

I hope you guys stuck with me and thanks to all who read through this essay of a post.

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  1. I actually found your blog through Hannah's! I just wanted to say, and maybe it won't make an impact, don't quit blogging! Every blogger goes through a negative feeling about their blog and it's really cliche, but continue blogging for yourself! I was in the SAME position when I decided to follow the bandwagon and rebranded my personal blog to a "lifestyle" blog. I didn't even know what lifestyle was - like, everything life related BUT a personal what I did on the weekend post? Or lifestyle as in relationships, careers, money, etc? I hated the things I posted because I felt robotic as well! It's like, whoopie-doo, here I am trying out all these fun exercises in hopes that I'll get some brand recognition from a company, lol.

    I ultimately decided to switch back to personal blogging and haven't felt any better. I love the personal blogging community I found on WordPress and I love just sharing what I did on the weekend with strangers and friends that creeps on me. I have the occasional lifestyle post here and there too. Don't give up on blogging! Just continue blogging for yourself and find something that works with you :)

    1. Thank you so much for your reply, Claire! I am thinking about trying personal blogging again because I have some things I want to share, but during that time I felt like they were too personal, lol. I will also try to make an occasional makeup and lifestyle post here and there. I'm glad to know I'm not alone