Five Pros and Five Cons of Drugstore Makeup

by - Friday, August 10, 2018

If there's any type of makeup that's popular, it's definitely drugstore makeup. Drugstore makeup has its pros and its cons, but overall, it really depends on budget.

The Pros:

  • The price-Drugstore makeup is affordable, ranging in price from $3-20. Of course there are some items that are slightly more expensive, but for the most part, drugstore makeup is relatively inexpensive. 
  • Dupes-One reason why I prefer drugstore lipsticks is that there are a lot of dupes for the higher priced lipsticks out there. If you can't afford the higher priced item, you can always get the dupe. 
  • Quality-A lot of the time, drugstore makeup will often try to duplicate the quality of their higher-end counterparts, and sometimes, the drugstore item wins over the higher-end item because of how good it is. 
  • Availability-a lot of lower-priced items (drugstore makeup) is available at drugstores, obviously, but they are also available at grocery stores, Ulta, and department stores such as Target or Walmart. If you can't find it, you can always try to order it off the brand's website. Nyx even has their own store in select malls. Drugstore makeup is also available for everyone-whether you are working or a student. 
  • No difference-If you wear a full face of drugstore makeup, nobody on the street is going to stop and ask you if you're wearing drugstore makeup. They'll probably stop you if they love your makeup and want to ask what lipstick it is, and they will be more impressed when they find out that it is affordable. 
The cons: 
  • Not a lot of cruelty-free options-If you are cruelty-free, sadly there are going to be a limited amount of drugstore makeup options in regular drugstores. However, Rite Aid has started stocking Kokie Cosmetics, which is a cruelty-free, albeit a bit pricier, brand, and they stock Wet n' Wild, and Walgreens stocks No7 and Wet n' Wild, and have started to stock Nyx and Milani. 
  • Not for everyone-I find myself averting most drugstore foundations because they are either not cruelty-free or I have tried it and it made my skin worse or it made my skin a lot oilier at the end of the day. Not all drugstore makeup is for everyone, whether it's because of reactions or how it feels at the end of the day. 
  • It's getting more expensive-Lately, newer drugstore releases have been getting on the pricier side of things. Milani's palettes are $20, which still is fair for drugstore prices but some people won't be able to afford it. Nyx released their In Your Element palettes that were $30. That got a lot of complaints from fans and the collection was eventually discontinued. 
  • No testers-a big thing about drugstores in America is that there are no testers, meaning that base products such as concealers, powders, and foundations are most likely going to be a shade or two too light or a shade or two too dark. The only place that even has testers for drugstore products is Ulta. 
  • Some brands are hard to get-Brands like Palladio are hard to get because you can only either get them at Sally's Beauty Supply or on their website. Hard Candy is even worse because you can only get it at Walmart and they don't have an online store. There are some brands, like Profusion, that I can only get on their website because they aren't available anywhere else. 
All in all, drugstore makeup is pretty accessible, for the most part, but some brands are not available to try, and drugstore makeup simply isn't for everyone. 
What are your pros and cons about drugstore makeup? 

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  1. As someone that isn't too skilled with make up, my entire collection are drug store make up. I find them super convenient to grab and definitely much more affordable than Macs or Sephora, for example. I have a friend that is similar to me in make up skills and she splurged on a Naked palette and loved the quality difference.