Five Things I Stopped Buying And Doing To Live A Simpler Life

by - Friday, August 24, 2018

There are things that I still like buying, but there are things I stopped buying to make my life a little simpler.

Seeing as how I mass accumulated a collection of makeup over the years, I've decided to stop buying it until I somewhat size down my collection. Drugstore makeup used to be a big weakness of mine, but I learned that an $8 mascara doesn't bring me as much happiness as spending time at a garden. Also, makeup does expire and if you have to throw away something you only used once, it's just a waste.

Fast fashion
Fast fashion is just that-fast, because the clothes are designed to last no more than a season. I am happy that I don't buy a lot of fast fashion, but it does make me sad to see so many people promoting weekly ASOS hauls when it's not realistic. I am looking into secondhand shopping, which means that you get your clothes secondhand, such as from thrift stores like Goodwill or from sites like Depop or eBay.

Stopped going on e-commerce sites
I have stopped going on e-commerce sites, and I only go on them if I need to link to a certain product. This is because going on those sites makes it more tempting to buy something, and so I have deleted every app from my phone.

Watching Youtube
Okay, so this one isn't technically true as I still watch Youtube, but I only watch minimalist and simple living channels, as well as some cooking ASMR channels. I am no longer subscribed to any beauty Youtubers because all they do is push product after product at you, hoping that you will use their code to get some dollars off and to pay them.

What have you stopped buying and doing to live a simpler life?

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