Five Things You Should Never Put On Social Media

by - Friday, August 24, 2018

In the past few days, the beauty community on Youtube has experienced quite the stir, and it all has to do with social media. Social media can be a great place, but it can also backfire tremendously depending on what you post, and here are five things you should never put on social media.

Inappropriate thoughts/sayings
The biggest shakeups on Youtube happen because of an inappropriate tweet or tweets that were made. This includes thoughts and sayings on racism, sexism, abuse, etc etc. There are so many inappropriate topics to joke about, and it will make you look very bad if someone discovers an old inappropriate tweet of yours. Some famous people have either gotten fired or have been forced to quit big projects because of old inappropriate tweets.

Your real-time vacation photos
Those vacation photos can wait until after you've come home because when you post your vacation pics as you're on actual vacation, you're inviting people to break into your home (if they know you).

Your location 
One thing I never like to do is turn on location services on an app that doesn't need it (I only use it for Google Maps and stores). The same should apply to social media platforms which allow you to geotag your location. Just don't do it.

Petty things
One thing I will never put on social media is my pettiness. That's because it makes me look childish and will give potential employers or brands the impression that I will be petty to people and brands I don't like and it won't make me look good. Also, as we've all probably seen or heard, it can end careers pretty quickly.

Inappropriate party pictures
Those pictures of you drinking beer or wine at a party need to go because it will definitely give a potential employer the impression that you are an alcoholic when you're not.

What are some other things you should never put on social media?

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