How To Be Minimalist Without Donating, Throwing Out, or Selling Anything

by - Thursday, August 02, 2018

When somebody tells you they're minimalist, you imagine that they have very little belongings, having sold or donated the things they didn't need. But what if you can't donate or sell your items? Some items don't sell very well, like high street clothing, and makeup is a big no go. No worries, there are ways you can be minimalist without donating or selling anything.

I personally don't like selling or donating things because to me, it is a waste of my money, and it makes me feel terrible I wasted my own money on something that is eventually going to be clutter to somebody else. I tend to keep clothing until it is beyond repair with a thread and needle, and I keep makeup until it's expired or until it's used up to the point where it would be pointless to keep using it, so there's the first tip for being minimalist without donating or selling anything: use up your things until they are beyond repair or expired.

The second way to be minimalist without donating, throwing out, or selling anything is to stop looking at sales. I've deleted everything but the Amazon app from my phone because I will be more tempted to shop. I also don't go out shopping much. I only go to the mall twice a year for a specific sale, and I am in the process of trying to use up my huge makeup collection. Only buy something if it's essential to you.

The third way to be minimal is to enjoy using up what you have. Maybe you have a nice closet full of nice clothes, but you can't help but be bored because you're wearing the same five outfits all the time. Instead of wearing those same five outfits all the time, try mixing up your outfits using every piece of clothing in your closet. You'll be surprised how much fun it can be making 100 outfits out of 40 or so clothing items.

How do you stay minimal while not giving away, donating, or throwing away any items?

Winnie x

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