How To Use Social Media Mindfully

by - Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Using social media mindfully is quite a task-we're all familiar with the hour or so spent in bed just scrolling on Instagram or Twitter, and that's exactly why I lessened my use of social media-it's just noise and endless scrolling, and why would I do that when I could be doing other things?

Consider your feed and your own profile
Take a moment to look at who you follow. Any accounts that immediately make you look bad when you see a photo, unfollow them. You'll feel so much better when you unfollow them. Following somebody because you hate them is not a good thing and will only cause you more stress because you want to see what bad thing they've done this week. Next, take a look at your own profile. Delete those pictures that make you feel bad or that you put up just for the sake of having a picture. The saying "pics or it didn't happen" is frankly quite childish and experiences mean more than a mere picture that only garners 100 likes.

Hit that mute button 
I'm sure we all have that one family member who can't stop taking photos of every meal they eat, or that one friend that complains about their relationship, but you can't unfriend them because they'll raise heck at the next family reunion or loudly proclaim that you're a mean person in the break room and you don't want to deal with the drama of that. Not a problem, just mute them and you're good to go. It's even become an Instagram feature so you won't have to see Susie's brunch on Saturday or cousin Rick's football posts. Facebook allows you to "unfollow" people, meaning that you will still be on each other's friends lists, but you simply won't see their posts and comments. You'll be happier, and cousin Rick and coworker Susie won't know that you've unfollowed them.

Post only when you feel like it
This ties directly in the second half of my first point: don't just post a picture just for the sake of it. If you're unhappy with the photo, don't post it. If you're feeling tired at 5 pm when your account is at its prime in terms of engagement, don't force yourself to post.

Be realistic
Nobody lives in a field full of peonies and roses 24 hours a day. I've also grown quite tired of the staged Instagrams and miss the old days of badly taken selfies and photos with friends, and right now Instagram is full of glamorous, professionally shot pictures and seeing that on your feed all the time is sure to make anyone feel bad. You are not an Instagram model, so there is no pressure for you to suddenly start being perfect.

How do you use social media mindfully?

Winnie x

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