My Favorite British/European Makeup Brands

by - Sunday, August 05, 2018

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Every blogger talks about how great American makeup brands like Tarte and Nyx are, but because I live in the US, I thought I'd flip the tables and give my favorite British & European brands.

Butter London
Butter London sells nail polish, but they also have quite a few great makeup products. Two of my personal favorites include their Glazen Eye Gloss and Plush Rush Lipgloss.

Makeup Revolution
Makeup Revolution is known for duping high-end products like the Naked Palettes and the Shade and Light palette, but they also do their own versions of the Morphe palettes.

Essence Makeup is a German brand that came to the US in the past few years, and I love this brand because of how super affordable each of their products is. I have a lot of lip products and eyeshadows from them and each product is less than $5. The most expensive product they have is an eyeshadow palette which is $10.

Catrice is the sister brand to Essence, and their products are pretty good as well, although sadly not many of them are sold in the US.

I've only ever tried a handful of Sleek products, but they are pretty decent for being drugstore. The eyeshadow palettes aren't the best, but I do love the Major Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

Soap & Glory
Soap & Glory is the big British company, as they have bath products and makeup. I've tried a bit of both their makeup and bath products and their products are pretty top notch.

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  1. Soap and Glory is such a great brand!

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