My Favorite British/European Makeup Brands

by - Sunday, August 05, 2018

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Every blogger talks about how great American makeup brands like Tarte and Nyx are, but because I live in the US, I thought I'd flip the tables and give my favorite British & European brands.

Butter London
Butter London sells nail polish, but they also have quite a few great makeup products. Two of my personal favorites include their Glazen Eye Gloss and Plush Rush Lipgloss.

Makeup Revolution
Makeup Revolution is known for duping high-end products like the Naked Palettes and the Shade and Light palette, but they also do their own versions of the Morphe palettes.

Essence Makeup is a German brand that came to the US in the past few years, and I love this brand because of how super affordable each of their products is. I have a lot of lip products and eyeshadows from them and each product is less than $5. The most expensive product they have is an eyeshadow palette which is $10.

Catrice is the sister brand to Essence, and their products are pretty good as well, although sadly not many of them are sold in the US.

I've only ever tried a handful of Sleek products, but they are pretty decent for being drugstore. The eyeshadow palettes aren't the best, but I do love the Major Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

Soap & Glory
Soap & Glory is the big British company, as they have bath products and makeup. I've tried a bit of both their makeup and bath products and their products are pretty top notch.

Charlotte Tilbury
I remember how CT was purely only available in England and me lusting over every single product because lord, how beautiful is that rose gold packaging? I was super ecstatic when her products came over to the US and promptly bought two of her Matte Revolution lipsticks and her Dolce Vita palette. This brand is still one of my all time favorites and I can't wait to try more from the brand.

What are some of your favorite British or European makeup brands?

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  1. Soap and Glory is such a great brand!

    Lotte |