My Favorite One-Wash Wonders

by - Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I do love my eyeshadow palettes, but sometimes I just really want to wear a one-wash wonder. One-wash wonders are eyeshadows that don't need other shadows to create a cohesive look, hence why they're called one-wash wonders, and most of the time, they are neutral in color (beige, champagne, gold, rose gold, etc etc).

Milani Bella Eyes Gel-Infused Shadow
These eyeshadows have sadly been discontinued in CVS and I have a sinking feeling that they are in the process of being discontinued on the Milani website, but many of them are still available. Their formulation is quite unique because they feel quite spongy and firm while maintaining the look of a powder eyeshadow. I have four shades: Champagne, my personal favorite, and which is a true champagne that doesn't lean too gold or pink, Sand, which is a shimmery beige, Rouge, which is a pinky red, and Dolci which is a slightly bronzed rose gold.

Kiko Cream Crush Shadow (discontinued)
These have very sadly been discontinued from Kiko's website, but the Cream Crush Shadows are a unique cream shadow because unlike other cream shadows, they feel quite spongy. However, you must make sure to screw on the lid tight because they will dry out, as I learned the hard way. I have four shades of the Cream Crush Shadows: Pearly Silver Rose, my personal favorite which is a silver with rosy pink glitter, Pearly Gold, a pale gold, Pearly Vintage Rose, which is a champagne, and Vintage Rose, which is a warm-toned pink.

Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss
These are my favorite eyeshadow formula, as they feel quite jelly-like, but have very beautiful and opaque pigmentation. I have the shades Unicorn, which is a shimmery iridescent beige, Frosted, which is a beautiful rose gold, and Icing, which is a deep shimmery mauve.

Catrice Liquid Metal Cream Shadow (discontinued)
Catrice's Liquid Metal Cream Shadow is quite beautiful as its formulation is something of a whipped mousse, and it leaves behind a sheer but beautiful wash of color. I have the shade Daily Dose of Rose, which is a pale rose gold. Sadly, it seems to be discontinued on the Catrice website and is in the process of being discontinued on the Ulta website.

Essence Eyeshadow
The Essence Eyeshadows are one of my favorite drugstore single eyeshadows because they are very affordable ($1.99 per piece), and you get a beautiful sheer wash of color as well. I have the shades Rosy Happiness, a very pale pink, Keep Calm and Berry On, a wine color, All I Need, a pale taupe, and The Grammy Goes Glammy, a pale gold. I've used Keep Calm and Berry On and All I Need so much that the lids to these shadows have snapped off.

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow (discontinued)
The Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadows were another favorite, and sadly they too have been discontinued. The one thing I really loved about these shadows is that the glitter was actually part of the formula and not just some spray on like most other eyeshadows. I have the shades Frosted Apple which is a pale copper and Hello Goldie! which is a pale gold.

I know eyeshadow palettes don't particularly count in one-wash wonders, but I would love to mention four palettes which have a wonderful number of one wash wonders, and those are the Naked Palettes 1-3. 

The original Naked Palette has 12 shades but has quite the number of one wash wonders including my personal favorite which is Toasted, a pale bronze-colored champagne. The Naked 2 also has a large number of one-wash wonders, with two favorites being Half-Baked, a gold, and YDK, a deepened champagne. The Naked 3 has the most one-wash wonders including Buzz, my personal favorite which is a deep shimmery pink, and Burnout, a more pink-toned rose gold. The Tartelette in Bloom has many one wash wonders as well, such as Funny Girl, a pale champagne, and Rocker, a pale gold.

What are your favorite one-wash wonders?

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