The Little Luxuries in Life That Make Me Happy

by - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

There are little things in life that make me happy, but I don't really need. Everyone's little luxuries are different, and here are mine.

Seeing flowers
I love flowers. The photos you'll see on my blog are either flowers, clothing or makeup (I really should find some other things to photograph). I love seeing flowers because they remind me of how beautiful life can be no matter how bad it gets, and it's quite fun to see the blooming process (although it is a bit sad when they all die in the winter).

Autumnal leaves
Autumn is almost here, and I'll take the chance to show how much I love seeing the autumn colors of red, orange, and gold. The leaves particularly look beautiful during this time of year and I'm quite a fan of photographing autumn leaves as well.

Although I have yet to see one actually hanging on a tree, I love seeing pinecones on the ground, although where I live they are usually closed and soggy.

Buying a new skincare or makeup item. 
I started out as a beauty blogger, so makeup and skincare obviously bring me great joy. A little lipgloss is a nice occasional treat for me, but not too often.

Driving might be a strange little luxury, but I like to think of it as a little show of independence despite how expensive the car payments and gas are.

Clean laundry
I love having clean laundry because it makes me feel like a Responsible Adult (trademarked), and it makes me feel quite productive when I finish my load of laundry.

What are your little luxuries in life that make you happy?

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