What Are My Favorite Pink Lipsticks?

by - Saturday, August 18, 2018

I'll be honest: I hated pink lipstick until I dove deep into the beauty blogger world, and now I can't get enough of pink lipstick. There are a huge range of pinks, from neutral everyday pinks to bright pinks to hot pinks, and I have some of my favorites.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Plumrose, Pretty Natural
Milani's Plumrose is a deep, slightly purple toned pink, which is perfect for autumn, and Pretty Natural is a bright neutral pink. The formulas of the Color Statement Lipsticks are creamy, but not too oily, which is perfect.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream in Precious
Precious is a clean neutral pink, meaning that it doesn't lean too pink or too brown. The formula of this feels quite comfortable as it is a mousse-like formula and doesn't completely dry down. However, that means that it will leave a nice little stain on coffee cups and donuts.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Catnip, Soft Lilac
Two of my favorite pinks come from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Catnip is a deep, slightly red-toned pink, and Soft Lilac is a slightly purple-toned deep pink. Both of these are also quite perfect for autumn wear, although with the liquid formula which is drying once it dries, these need a lot of prep.

BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Lip Color in Juju
Juju is a beautiful, true rosy pink, and I love the formula of the Gen Nude Matte Lip Colors as they are not drying at all as they are more of a mousse-like formula. It also, strangely, does not rub off on water bottles or food.

Stila Matte'ificent Lipstick in Papillon
Papillon is another neutral pink, and I do love how compact the Matte'ificent Lipsticks are because you can easily throw this in a makeup bag, and it's also matte in formula, but feels quite comfortable like velvet.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Tulip
Tulip is a sheer hot pink that I really need to get more use out of because I love the color and the formula of the Sugar Lip Balms. They are the best tinted lip balms I've ever tried because of how hydrating they are and how good they smell like lemons.

Julep It's Whipped Lip Mousse in Pillow Talk
This isn't the Pillow Talk from Charlotte Tilbury, but it is quite pretty. Pillow Talk from Julep is a neutral, sightly deep pink, and its whipped mousse-like formula feels quite comfortable to wear, but it leaves behind stains on everything you put your mouth on.

MAC Mehr
This is not cruelty-free, which is sad, but it's one of my favorite pinks. Mehr is a neutral, slightly blue toned mauve and the Matte lipsticks from MAC feel quite comfortable as well.

What are your favorite pink lipsticks?

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