What Do You Really Need To Start A Blog?

by - Saturday, August 25, 2018

One assumption is that to start a blog, you need to have two camera, two computers, and a whole lot of equipment, but it's not true. What you really need to run a blog consists of a few materials.

A laptop or a computer
This can obviously be your own laptop or a library or school computer, but all you really need is a computer with internet access so you can create blog posts.

A camera
This doesn't have to be a fancy SLR camera. This can be that camera that was gifted to you or even your phone camera. In fact, you don't need an SLR because most phone cameras are evolving to the point where they are just as good, if not surpass, SLR lenses. iPhones are famous for their good photo-capturing abilities, but other Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy are quickly catching up, and the Google Pixel is also quite good.

A platform
To blog, you need a platform. You can choose from three platforms:

  • Blogger-this might be the most commonly used platform as it's free. BTemplates has many free templates to use on your Blogger site and there are many tutorials on Google on HTML. Many Blogger blogs that don't have a custom domain will end in .blogspot.com. However, even if you do decide to get a domain, your blog will still be hosted by Blogger. 
  • Wordpress-The trick with Wordpress is to use Wordpress.org, not Wordpress.com because that will be the key to letting you use your own domain should you decide to use one. Otherwise, a lot of bloggers use Wordpress due to its ability to let you have your own domain (your website will be entirely your own and will say "copyright *insert blog name here*"  instead of being hosted through Blogspot ("hosted by Blogger"). Like Blogspot, if you choose not to buy your own domain, the URL is going to end in .wordpress.com. 
  • Squarespace-The good thing about Squarespace is how easy it is to use, but the downside is the price. It costs $12.99 per month or you can pay up $144 for the entire year, but if you are thinking of monetizing your blog, Squarespace is the place to look and there are many podcasts and channels that do Squarespace codes. However, I wouldn't recommend Squarespace personally unless you are ready and able to turn your blog into a business. 
Of course, to write a good blog post, you need to have ideas. There are many ways to gain ideas, whether it's through reading someone else's blog or just having them naturally spring to mind, but be sure to always write down your ideas or note what blog posts you are inspired by. 

A schedule
Nobody likes it when you post inconsistently or abandon your blog, so be sure to set a schedule. You can fit this schedule to whatever your own personal needs can fit, whether it's multiple times a day, twice a day, once a day, once every other day, once a week, or once a month, 

What other tools do you use to blog? 

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