What Does Minimalism/Simple Living Mean To Me & How I Incorporate It In My Life

by - Saturday, August 18, 2018

In recent months, I've been getting into minimalism and I've done a few blog posts on minimalism, but minimalism has many different aspects and has different meanings.

What is the general definition of minimalism? 
Let's start off with a general definition of minimalism, which is generally about decluttering things you don't need or want anymore. However, decluttering can be perceived as wasting money, because you bought the item for a monetary value, so why are you just giving it away or throwing it away when you don't need it anymore? A lot of people can't afford the decluttering cycle, and it's not realistic anyway.

What is my definition of minimalism?
 Minimalism, to me, is trying to live more simply, to not buy additional items I have no want or need for, and to be happy with experiences instead of material objects. Minimalism is often used in conjunction with or even interchangeable with simple living, which also incorporates the aspect of living with less, and both incorporate trying to live with items that bring you joy (aka the Konmari method).

Will I ever become a minimalist?:
I don't think I could ever become a true minimalist and declutter things I don't need. This is because I find it wasteful to throw out something that I didn't even use in the past three months, but also when I do need that item then I don't have it and that always infuriates me to no end. Also, I just cannot resist sales, but I am going to incorporate minimalism in a few different ways in my life. For me, being a beauty blogger was all about essentially buying stuff to make content on my blog, and it got to a point where I was wasting nearly $200 on "content" for the blog. I was buying makeup and clothes I didn't even need in the first place and didn't even have a savings account. That hit me square in the face when I got laid off from my old job and I had a look back at my previous behavior and was shocked at how much I spent on unnecessary items. I am going to use up all my old things until I can't repair it, or it dries up/is expired.

So the short answer is no, I don't think I could ever become truly minimalist, but I can get into the habit of living simpler. I have deleted all the store apps from my phone, turned my entire blog around, and I don't go shopping unless it's for food, gas, or other necessities such as school-related items (like an emergency USB drive when my old one decided to die for no reason at all and the occasional iPhone charger cable) or for sales which only roughly happens four times a year.

Sources for minimalism and simple living:
There are several blogs that I follow for minimalist and simple living tips, such as Becoming Minimalist by Joshua Becker, The Minimalists by Joshua Fields-Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (their podcast is pretty great as well), and Mnmlist, written by Leo Babuta who also runs the blog Zen Habits. Rachel Aust has a Youtube channel also focused on minimalism, but she does some fitness bits as well. Jenny Mustard is also a good one, and she's also quite hilarious.

For simple living, I quite like to peruse a Youtube channel called Lavendaire, which is run by Aileen Xu, and Pick Up Limes run by Sadia. One exciting thing about Sadia's channel is that she reached one million subscribers on Youtube!

Are you trying to live a simpler live or become minimalist?

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