A Few Autumn Accessories

by - Thursday, September 20, 2018

There are a few accessories that I have that I immediately reach for when the cooler weather hits.

Knitted Berets
I find these to be *slightly* more fashionable than your regular old beanie, but they are still warm nonetheless and can be turned into a beanie when you pull it low enough to cover your ears.

I love a good beanie because it keeps your ears and heads warm and also looks chic with a flannel shirt.

Winter toggle hat
I am guilty of loving these, but these make me feel like a teen again. I have one that looks like a penguin and one that is made of faux fur and is zebra striped. They keep my head warm, and I can either tie the toggles around to secure it or leave them loose.

Wool hats
I love felt hats because they are autumn-appropriate and they give off this witchy vibe.

Gloves are important because my hands are unfortunately prone to cracking and bleeding when it's cold.

Knit scarf
Scarves are important because they keep your neck warm, and they're a great warm winter accessory as well.

What are your favorite autumnal accessories?

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