Five Good Habits To Get Into For The Upcoming School Year

by - Saturday, September 01, 2018

It's either the first week of school or the first week of school is upcoming, and here are some good habits to get into for the upcoming school year.

Don't procrastinate
Procrastinating is bad. It might be good if you are doing other creative or productive things, but it's bad if all you're doing is wasting time. Procrastinating is the reason why a lot of people are rushing those assignments and sleeping in class.

Digital calendar or planner
Having a digital calendar or planner is a good idea if you're prone to forgetting assignments or trying to squeeze some extra time out of your professors. Plugging in everything as soon as you know the due date will save your grade and save any panic.

Turn off your phone
If you're a scroller, turn off your phone when you're in class because some teachers dock points for using your phone. You can set it on silent or let the teacher know if you have a family emergency.

Lunch plan
If you don't like buying food at school, pre-plan your lunches ahead. This can be a money saver as well.

Leave accordingly
I always leave about an hour before class actually starts to accommodate for any traffic jams and construction (anyone who lives in my state will understand the dread when we see those flashing signs announcing road closures for construction). This is also handy if there is an accident and we're pretty much stuck on the road and I won't be late for class this way. At the most, I'll have about 15 minutes to print stuff out and rush to class.

What habits do you have to prepare for the upcoming school year?

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