Five Myths About Simple Living & Minimalism

by - Monday, September 17, 2018

Simple living and minimalism have a lot of myths surrounding them, with most of them simply being false. Let's address these rumors, shall we?

Myth 1: Minimalists and simple livers can't have anything they don't need
Minimalists and simple livers have some things that they don't need. For me, I have a lot of stuff I don't need, but I keep them because I enjoy having them in my life.

Myth 2: Minimalists and simple livers only wear black, white, and grey
Nope. Minimalists and simple livers wear color too, I just prefer black, white, and grey because they are all colors that flatter me, but I have a few colorful pieces in my wardrobe.

Myth 3: Minimalism and simple living are only for people with money
Minimalism can be for everyone. The constant decluttering isn't a step you need to take to become minimalist, because decluttering too many things is just wasteful and it can become a drag if you declutter it and find out you need that one item a month later. That's because you have to go out and buy another one of that particular item.

Myth 4: You need a certain number of items to be a minimalist 
Minimalism and simple living are terms that are slightly interchangeable. You don't need 50 items to be considered a minimalist because minimalism is defined by how you live, not the number of items you own. Just because you own 500 items and a minimalist owns 50 doesn't make you less of a minimalist as long as you both adhere to the "less is more" lifestyle.

Myth 5: Minimalists don't buy souvenirs 
I'm the type of person to buy a souvenir every time I go somewhere new because having it will remind me of when I went on the trip. I have countless souvenirs from times I traveled, including a stuffed pineapple I bought from Hawaii and a few toys from Universal Orlando because they are reminders of that trip and make me happy.

What are other myths you hear about minimalism and simple living?

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