Five Reasons Why Failure Doesn't Spell The End of the World

by - Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ever had those moments where you thought you completely aced a work or school project or test only to find out you flunked it? That feeling after is the worst, because you feel like you've failed everything in your life. However, failure is a part of normal life, and just because you failed that big test doesn't mean the world has ended.

Failure is a learning opportunity
If we all aced everything, there would be nothing left to learn. Failure is a learning opportunity and should be treated as such because nobody learns anything perfectly the first time around. Lots of athletes mess up, but they always get up and do their thing again.

Failure gives new chances
So you just got rejected from that dream job? Don't get your hopes too low and cry about how unhireable you are because chances are, there's going to be a better opportunity anyway. Maybe you didn't get your dream job, but you found a job equally as good which pays better and is closer to your home.

Failing is not the equivalent of something big
When you fail at something, it might feel as though you committed a huge crime, but it's not. Failure is simply an opportunity to teach you what you did wrong and how you can improve. Also, failure isn't a big deal (unless you are in a field such as surgery or being a doctor) because most of the time, tiny everyday mistakes won't harm anyone.

Failure is not a big setback
Failing something, especially if it's a class at school, might seem like a huge setback, but it just teaches you that you need to study better or ask your teacher for help. Failing something doesn't mean you're a failure for life, it just means you might have to change around some things you do.

How do you deal with failure?

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