Five Things To Do On Sunday To Kickstart Your Workweek

by - Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sundays can be relaxing, but there are some things you could do on Sundays to kickstart your workweek instead of having the dreaded  "Oh dear, it's Monday" feeling.

Get outside 
Only if the weather permits. Get outside and get that breath of fresh air before the workweek starts. You'll feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle your Monday.

Lunch prep
Different from meal prepping, but lunch prepping is helpful so you don't have to spend unnecessary money on food.

Cleaning the house on a Sunday will help you feel accomplished and ready for Monday.

Shop for necessities
New deals often go live on Sundays, which often means Sundays are a good day to go shop for necessities that aren't food.

Prep your outfits
Prepping your outfits for the week on Sunday will help you feel less stressed and less rushed on those crazy Monday mornings (and it's also a good time to look at the forecast to see if you need those wellies)

How do you kickstart your workweek?

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