Five Ways University/College is Different from High School

by - Saturday, September 01, 2018

If you're about to go to college for the first time, or even if it's five years from when you graduated, there are some ways college and university are different from high school.

You get treated like an adult
No more raising your hand to answer or ask a question, and no more asking for a hall pass to go to the bathroom. However, there are no parent-teacher conferences in college and you will be expected to be responsible for literally everything-from attendance to grades. Teachers will also let you call them by their first name, but most people stick to "Professor".

Welcome week
At every college, there is at least a welcome week for new and returning students, where there is free food and entertainment provided. This is different from high school, where you are just thrown into work with homecoming and prom.

College is still hard work
You might have gotten an A all throughout high school, but that might only merit you a C in college. You still have to work hard in college in order to keep up with grades because in college, you might get a class that lasts the whole semester or you might get a block class lasting a few weeks and there's much more work crammed into the block classes because of how short they are.

More resources
Colleges and universities usually have more resources than high schools. Colleges provide career services during and even after you graduate, and they have better computers and a success center which is where teachers and sometimes older students can help you in classes you're struggling with.

Some people choose to go to other states to attend university, which also gives you a new experience if you want to go to an out of state university. It gives you a chance to meet people who live in that state, people who live in other states, and sometimes, people who live in different countries.

How are some other ways college is different from high school?

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