Four Reasons Why Instagram Isn't Realistic and Representative of Real Life

by - Tuesday, September 04, 2018

In recent days, the influencer world has been rife over a situation on Instagram (if you are on Twitter you will definitely know). Instagram is a great platform, but it's not even representative of real life.

Instagram is a marketing tool for brands
An influencer's job is to market certain products in an appealing way, and sometimes that means staging the photo. Lots of brands use social media to market their products, from that toothpaste brand to that steak brand, even to an over-the-counter medicine. Nobody is going to look at a picture of some red-eyed girl with a messy bun taking a dose of Benadryl to cure her allergies. Nobody is going to even buy that toothpaste if it shows a girl with bedhead staring blearily into her bathroom mirror. The products have to be staged because that's how you get people to buy the product. It works just like the adverts you see on TV-those swishy haired women for shampoo and conditioner advertisements, those funny ads for that bubblegum, and that ad showing an older woman dancing for a medicine for osteoporosis.

Instagram is a highlights reel
As I often hear on social media, Instagram is nothing but a highlights reel. Nobody wants to post a picture of themselves being miserable and nobody wants to post that video of them eating chips all day on the couch. People would rather post a picture of themselves enjoying the beach or with their family. That's what Instagram being a highlights reel means-you want people to see the best in you, not the worst in you.

Staged photos are part of an influencer's job
As stated in the first point, nobody is going to look at a "normal" photo. People are more likely to look at and engage with your photo if it's appealing to the eye, which is why many influencers' photos for brands are staged.

Influencers are humans, not supermachines
Influencers are humans, and of course, they feel quite hurt when there are a lot of comments on their photos blasting them to shreds. It's their job to create beautiful content, and they shouldn't be blasted just because a picture isn't quite representative of real life.

Do you have any other reasons why Instagram isn't representative of real life?

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