Four Things I Don't Like About Autumn and Winter & How I Deal With Them

by - Monday, September 10, 2018

Autumn is (un)officially upon us, and in a few months, we'll feel the bitterness and the cold of winter. I mostly like this time of year, but there are some things that I don't particularly like about this season.

Every morning, I find my car full of condensation. I often deal with this by turning on the heat in my car and switching it to hit my body and the windshield (as well as the rear window) to prevent the condensation from coming back and I wipe off any condensation with a few paper towels.

This is common in the later months of autumn and early months of winter, although it can be seen earlier if you live in an area which is cold. Frost is annoying, but it can be solved if you go out 10-15 minutes earlier and warm up your car, with the heat focused on the inside of the car and your windshield and rear windows.

Dry and chapped hands
This is a common problem with my hands in the colder months. My hands get so dry and chapped that sometimes they bleed, but I've solved this problem by slathering a lot of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly product on my hands and slapping a pair of gloves on and having a pair of gloves handy when I go out.

The sudden temperature changes
Especially in the early days of autumn, it can be cold in the morning, but it can be boiling in the afternoons. One way to combat this is to bring an extra cardigan or flannel to wear when it's cold so you can take it off when it gets hotter.

What are your least favorite things about the autumn and winter?

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