Four Things That Won't Happen When You Don't Buy Something

by - Saturday, September 08, 2018

Whenever we want to buy something online, but we know that there might be a better offer or we can't afford it, it's usually best to leave it, and of course, there are some things that might happen if you don't buy it, such as it selling out, but more drastic things won't happen if you don't buy it.

The world won't end
Just because you didn't buy those cute shoes from ASOS doesn't mean the world has ended. The world will still go on, and most likely, you'll find something better anyway.

It won't sell out (sometimes)
Clothing usually sells out, but when it comes to products like makeup, chances are that it'll still be there even if you didn't buy it.

Nobody will die
If you don't buy something, there's a 100% chance that you or another person won't die. I know it's kind of morbid, but when someone says "I'll die without this item", they're 100% being overdramatic.

The sale won't come back
Most likely, the sale will be back next month, or if it's a semi-annual sale, it'll be back in the summer, spring, winter, or autumn depending on what season the last sale was in.

What other things won't happen when you don't purchase something?

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