How Does Beauty Blogging Affect People Financially?

by - Sunday, September 23, 2018

Blogging affects people in many ways. Whether you're a blog reader or a blogger, you'll know that there's always some financial issue or gain with blogging. Some are lucky and have managed to turn their blogs into their full-time incomes, while others have fallen into the consumerism trap. Blogging affects everyone financially, whether you blog or you read blogs. 

Beauty blogging affects bloggers financially because of the constant pressure to buy new products. There's this unspoken stigma that if you don't buy new products constantly, then you won't get any views, but this also affects readers because blogging about new products constantly promotes consumerism on things we didn't even need in the first place. Consumerism isn't bad, but it can become bad in excess (aka a shopping addiction). 

I have fallen into the blogging trick where you constantly need to buy new products in order to run a good blog. That, in combination with my love for makeup, was a disaster waiting to happen. Luckily, it got averted when I suddenly found myself income-less as my love for makeup also dropped when I realized that all brands were doing were rehashing products. The staggering amount I spent on makeup makes me feel so much shame because I have a lot and most of it I'll probably never use up, which means I essentially wasted a lot of money on stuff I'll never use up. This is the most dangerous part of beauty blogging and why I unfollowed many beauty bloggers and stopped writing solely about beauty. The sheer amount of PR some bloggers get is astounding, but it's such a shame when it isn't disclosed, because essentially, it feels like we've all been tricked into thinking bloggers are rich enough to have bought the entire shade range of a certain eyeshadow or lipstick, when in reality, they've been sent the products. I'm sure a lot of bloggers have fallen into the trap of having to buy new products in order to run a stellar blog too, and they're left with a few hundred dollars worth of gently used makeup and can't even finish it within their lifetime, probably.

Blogging affects everyone financially in different ways, but it hits harder for bloggers because some bloggers like myself aren't even sponsored nor do we receive PR. Everything we buy for our blogs comes out of pocket, and it can be hard if you're paying rent, paying for your car, or any other bills, or if you're trying to save money for a vacation or something big like a brand new computer or a car. This is why I enjoy shopping my stash. Shopping your stash is an excellent way to combat the consumerism surrounding the beauty blogger world because it forces you to use products you already have, and it saves money because you might find a good dupe for that MAC lipstick you really wanted.

How does blogging affect you financially?

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