How I Balance Blogging With School

by - Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Blogging has been a bit more difficult for me lately especially since I made the decision to not create "noisy" content anymore. This is because in addition to blogging, I'm also in school, but there are ways that I balance school and my blog.

Schedule ahead of time
I usually schedule about 2-3 days worth of posts since I only have 2 days worth of class, but those classes are very draining, and on top of that, I am currently looking for a job on campus, so that lessens my time to create blog posts. I don't believe that there has been a day where I haven't scheduled a post ahead of time.

My work always is going to go ahead of my blog, because I can't afford to fail and lose my financial aid, but I also make sure to counterbalance my working with blogging, because it's counterproductive to work too much.

Using weekends to blog
I use weekends to blog, and I try to keep my workload to only one assignment a day on weekends because things can get stressful if I try to do it all in one day.

Stay inspired
When I'm not blogging, I'm constantly looking back at my favorite blogs in order to find inspiration for my posts. It's so important for me to stay inspired because it will prevent me from churning out a half-baked post about my top 5 whatever lipsticks, and re-reading blogs allows me to re-read and find new inspiration for my blog.

How do you balance blogging with school or work?

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