How To Tackle No-Sleep Days

by - Thursday, September 20, 2018

Handling no-sleep days can sound tough, but it can be done.

Fake being awake
If you're the type of person to get dark circles under their eyes when they haven't gotten enough sleep, a brightening concealer will help you fake that "I've slept 8 hours woohoo!" look.

Coffee or matcha
Coffee or matcha is a key drink at this point because of how much caffeine is in them. Coffee provides a good coffee jolt for a good few hours, longer than most energy drinks, and matcha lasts longer than coffee and has antioxidants.

Get to bed early
Going to bed early the next night will help you stave off another round of feeling tired and will help save you money on concealer as well.

Drink cold water
Drinking cold water can help you feel more awake and give you that jolt you really need.

I shower in the morning because it helps me feel more awake and it helps me feel better prepped in the morning.

How do you tackle no-sleep days?

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