I Don't Own A Single Pair of Jeans

by - Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I have a confession: I don't own a single pair of jeans. Some of you might find this blasphemous, but I do have my reasons for why I don't like them.

They are uncomfortable
Why do jeans have to be scratchy? They're scratchy on the outside and the inside.

Skinny jeans can cause damage
I remember I read a story about how skinny jeans gave one woman nerve damage and I never wanted to experience that.

They are not flexible. 
Denim is not as flexible as yoga pants or Soffe shorts, so one wrong move and you could rip your jeans down the middle.

They're too long 
This applies for basically a large percentage of any pair of long pants I have possession of, but like most things, jeans are too long for my legs, so basically all of the time they need to be hemmed.

They don't go with every piece of footwear.
Leggings go with every piece of footwear. You name it, leggings go with it. Jeans, on the other hand, only go well with some footwear but not all.

Every outfit goes well with leggings
You can wear a long shirt, tunic, dress, skirt, flannel, or anything that's long enough to cover your bum with leggings. With jeans, you're limited to a few choice outfits because in most corporate offices or some retail stores, you can't wear jeans unless they don't have any holes or if they're a certain color. You can get away with having leggings in a corporate environment under a dress or under a skirt. You can even wear thermal leggings under your pants.

Are you part of the no-jeans club like I am?

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