I'm Not As Much Of An Adult As You Think I Am

by - Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Being an adult has so many connotations to a lot of people, but let's be honest: nobody is as much of an adult as we think they are and here are some reasons I'm not as much of an adult as you think I am.

As soon as I dislike something, I want to quit
This has been a huge problem for me since I was a child, and I'm trying to not give in and suck it up, but the urge to quit comes when I really hate something. There are so many things I've considered quitting: social media, my blog, school, but I have learned to just suck it up and go on.

I have a short temper
My temper is the size of an atom, and even someone not using their signal when turning can spark a small flame. I try not to get upset at the smallest things these days, but it's a real struggle.

Not wanting to talk to anyone
Whenever a salesperson talks to me in store, I get slightly panicked and say "no I don't need help" so they'll leave me alone. I'm also trying to get over this because it's a salesperson's job to help their customers and I also have to be more assertive.

When something goes wrong, it's an emergency
When something goes even slightly wrong, my mind immediately treats it as though it is a Level 5 Emergency and makes it bigger than it really is. I'm trying to break this habit by trying to treat it by solving all the minor problems and trying not to worry about minor stuff too much.

Is there anything in adulthood you're struggling with?

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