My Favorite Footwear Items For Autumn

by - Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I have several footwear pieces I revert back to when autumn hits and it gets cooler.

Fake Ugg Boots
Not everyone can afford a pair of the real thing, so the next best thing is a dupe pair. They might be flat, but they are warm and toasty. I have a black pair from a brand called Reneeze which is sadly sold out, but they are black with a furry lining.

Ankle boots
I have two pairs of ankle boots, and I plan on getting all the wear out of them that I can during the autumn. They are both from H&M, and one pair resembles your average pair of Chelsea boots and they are my favorite, while the other resembles the Vagabond shoes that everyone lusted over about four years ago. I still have yet to wear those because the heels are high and I am terrified of faceplanting straight onto the ground in them.

Biker boots
I have a pair of biker boots from Kmart (which are sold out) that I love. They have studded buckles, and go well with everything and are perfect for autumn because they are made of leather instead of suede, making them quite weatherproof.

Combat boots
Combat boots are another favorite of mine because they are also quite weatherproof and they make me feel tougher than I actually am.

Knee-high boots
I love knee-high boots because they cover quite a bit of leg and they complete an outfit with leggings. I have one sold-out pair from H&M which are basically heeled riding boots.

Over-the-knee boots
I still have yet to find a way to style these, but they go well with jumper dresses, leggings, and skirts. Basically, anything from the summer you want to make appropriate for the autumn, go with over-the-knee boots. I have two pairs of these: one pair is from ASOS which I have to pull two little strings to tighten them around my legs, and one pair are from Public Desire.

What are your favorite autumnal footwear items?

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