My School Routine

by - Friday, September 28, 2018

My school routine changes every semester with every class, but I can usually guarantee that I stay in school for 3-5 hours depending on the day.

I like to leave an hour before class, or an hour and a half early if I have some other things to do like pick up medicine or meet with one of the school officials such as career services or financial aid. By doing this, I can make sure I get to class on time, and it accounts for unfortunate delays such as accidents or construction.

After arriving at school, I go to the library to print out some things I need, and then I head to class and do some reading or go over my classwork until the teacher starts class.

After class, I usually go home, or I go to the library again to print out some additional papers I need.

I have also joined a club, but no word on the start date yet, so I will also be adding that to my list.

After coming home, I really don't like to work on schoolwork because I'm tired from 2.5-5 hour lectures, so I usually spend my time watching Youtube videos or anime instead (the anime I'm currently watching is Shokugeki no Soma-Food Wars in English). Usually, classwork isn't due until the next week we have class, so I work on it the next day.

What is your school routine like?

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