Things I Look Out For When Making Blog Posts

by - Wednesday, September 05, 2018

To make a good blog post, there are some things that I look out for when I create my blog posts, and here are some of the things I keep an eye out for:

Typos are my primary mistake, especially in the titles. I can't count how many times I've published a post only to find out I've made a typo in the title or in the post. I have installed Grammarly, which is a free Chrome extension which corrects any spelling and grammar mistakes, and they have more corrections for the premium version, but the basic version should be good enough. However, with Grammarly, I've noticed it tries to correct some things that are technically correct.

Does it bring meaning?
I would love for my blog posts to have some sort of meaning; the type of posts that people can come back to time and time again, which is why I seldom write reviews about makeup anymore and started writing lengthier posts about makeup. I also started to introduce simple living and several aspects of minimalism into my blog because I know those are two topics that people like to read about (sometimes).

Is it half-baked? 
One thing I promised myself is to put more effort into my blog. I know it's still a hobby for me, but I want this space to be something I'm proud of. Half-baked posts are no longer allowed on my blog, and if I find a half-baked post or something similar to what I wrote, I will delete it.

What do you keep an eye out for when making blog posts?

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