Three Things I Have To Learn To Be Successful

by - Friday, September 14, 2018

There are some things that I still have to learn if I want to be successful, even though I've mastered the practical side of things already.

Being more assertive
I am one of those people who absolutely hates conflict. I will block anyone who tries to start a fight with me, and I delete negative comments all the time. I also am afraid of people telling me "no", but that's the worst thing they can say, to be honest.

Not freaking out about everything that goes wrong
If something goes wrong in my book, it turns into a Level 5 Emergency and all the panic bells go off in my head, and I often get jealous of people who are cool as a cucumber and handle these situations with grace and dignity. I'm trying not to treat every little thing that goes wrong as an emergency and to treat it as an opportunity instead.

Stepping out of my comfort zone
This is a big one to master because I am naturally quiet, but stepping out of my comfort zone is a big thing to master because then I feel as though I can do anything, even though it is scary, gross, or dreadful. One thing I am to do before my 30s is to travel alone at least once in my life.

What things do you want to learn in order to be more successful?

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