What Do I Want To Do Before I'm 30?

by - Friday, September 28, 2018

I know 30 is a long way away for me (I turn 24 next month), but there are some things I want to do before I hit the big 3-0.

Graduate from college
This will hopefully be achievable when I'm 26 or 27, as with my mental calculations I will be finished in the spring or summer of 2021 if I'm lucky.

Get a good job
I would love to get a job that doesn't involve 8 hours on my feet all day, and I would rather be working for law enforcement (not on the field because I'm a scaredy-cat) or the courts as a legal assistant or paralegal.

Move into my own apartment or townhouse
I would love to be in my own apartment by the time I'm 29 or so because I want to move out of my parents' house by age 30. Having a townhouse would also be nice, but I don't want to buy a house just yet.

Travel domestically by myself
I would love to dip my toes into traveling domestically by myself. It's quite scary because I am afraid of the plane crashing, but it rarely happens (only in a few unfortunate cases)

Fly to Singapore
I was actually born in Singapore (my family immigrated to the US when I was 4), and I'd like to go back to the place where I was born to see how much has changed.

Travel to Japan
I know this is purely out of my love for anime, but I'd love to go to Japan before I'm 30, particularly during wisteria or cherry blossom season.

What are some life goals of yours?

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