What Is Cancel Culture & How To Deal With Cancelled Brands

by - Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cancel culture seems to be a new thing, and it's pretty standard if you're in the beauty Youtube community.

What is cancel culture? 
It's when a lot of people stop buying from a certain brand for a certain reason. For example, Tarte got canceled because of the Shape Tape Foundation fiasco, and more recently, Kat Von D has been canceled because of her anti-vaccination stance and several well-known YouTubers have been canceled thanks to drama, in addition to one brand belonging to a certain YouTuber being dropped by several makeup suppliers.

How to deal with it? 
If you are truly passionate about canceling a brand and never featuring it on your blog or online platform again but you don't want to throw it out because of the wasted money, here's what you should do.

  • Donate any unused products-Donating any unused products to a women's shelter or shelter for domestic abuse victims is not only ridding yourself of the shunned brand, you're also donating to a good cause. 
  • Keep using it but don't write or photograph it-I have taken this route as I have several items, but I just don't talk about it or photograph it on my blog. 
  • Throw it out-if your product is just about used up, feel free to throw it out. 
  • Don't repurchase-Of course, the number one way to not support a canceled brand is to stop buying from said brand. There are always dupes for that product that you can find on the internet, and there are several makeup dupe accounts on Instagram (my personal favorite is allintheblush-she even tells you if a brand is cruelty-free or not)
Do you follow cancel culture? 

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