What Makes Me Hit That Unfollow Button on Bloglovin?

by - Saturday, September 22, 2018

About a few months ago, I went on a mass unfollow spree on Bloglovin, and that brought me down to following about 92 blogs. Since then I've added a few more blogs back into my repertoire but I have my own reasons for unfollowing your blog. 

You abandoned your blog-If I haven't seen you blog in a month, I immediately hit the unfollow button. I know everyone gets busy, but I really don't like it when my favorite bloggers abandon their blogs without leaving any explanation as to why they did it.

You have posts about damaging things to young girls-If I see any posts relating to plastic surgery or anything else damaging to young girls and teens, I unfollow. It doesn't matter if it's done by a guest or not, those posts are going to make girls feel like they need to change their appearance. This also applies to anything promoting a diet-including juice cleanses and special drinks or shakes.

Your content is stale-Sad as it may be this is the primary reason why I unfollowed so many beauty blogs in the span of a month. All of them kept posting the same content. I've read enough "my top five nude lipsticks" and seasonal lipstick posts to fill the ocean. Don't even get me started on red lipsticks.

I changed direction-At first, I used to follow literally every big beauty blog, but now I have narrowed my following down to about 30-40 blogs. This is because I got bored of beauty blogging, essentially. I also discovered simple living and minimalism and love reading blog posts about those topics, as well as lifestyle topics.

You post too much-For editorial websites, this is fine, but nobody needs to be posting 11 times per day. That's simply crazy and it gives the impression you're cranking out content just for the views (and possibly cash).

Your photos are too unrealistic-Again, I know that editorial websites might have to be a little unrealistic in order to attract customers, but there are some blogs where every photo is so staged it's quite obvious and it makes me unfollow because as much as I want that perfect life that's captured on camera, I know that it's simply impossible unless I marry a multi-millionaire.

What makes you unfollow a blog on Bloglovin?

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