What Photo Editing Apps Do I Have on My Phone?

by - Sunday, September 23, 2018

Image via Unsplash

There are several photo editing apps I love and have on my phone, as with any other beauty blogger.

VSCO-Whatever you want to call it, VSCO or VSCO Cam, this is one of my primary photo editing apps. I use HB2 a lot, although I do have a full VSCO X membership because I am that person who loves to experiment with photo filters. I've used A8, A6, A2, A1, F3, and some of the other filters they have that you wouldn't normally get without a VSCO X membership.

InstaSize-This photo editing app is used primarily to make collages and to resize Snapchat selfies that I want to put on Instagram. I also love using the borders on this as most of them are rather cute.

Snapseed-This is the second photo editing app I use, and I mainly use the "Looks" section with my most used looks being Portrait and Pop. I also use the Healing tool to get rid of any blemishes on photos and the Curves tool to brighten my pictures.

Canva-This is the app I use to create my category headers and any other social media banners. Even though you have to pay for some features on the app, overall, it's pretty decent for creating blog and Pinterest graphics.

We Heart It-I consider this app a cross between Pinterest and Instagram, because you can save photos you like on this platform onto your mobile device, but you can also "heart" photos you really like without saving them. I used this app for a variety of stock photos, but now I mostly look at it for inspiration (I still have yet to master those outfit flatlays).

Google Photos-This is my main photo storage tool as storing thousands of photos on my actual device sounds daunting. The photos on Google Photos are uploaded onto the cloud, and they are saved unless you try to merge your accounts. Google Photos also has some limited photo editing tools like lighting and brightness.

What photo editing apps do you have on your phone?

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