Who Should You Unfollow or Unfriend On Social Media?

by - Monday, September 10, 2018

If you're not enjoying social media anymore, it's definitely time to take a look at who you're following. One way to make social media enjoyable again is to curate your feed-and in order to do that, you might have to unfriend or unfollow some people and/or brands. You might find it a bit overwhelming to see who to unfollow but I've compiled a short list of the people and brands you should unfollow.

The people who flat-out ignore you
Ever commented on a friend's post on Facebook or Instagram only to hear nothing back? Unfollow or unfriend those people because those people show you that you aren't worth a smidgen of their time, and you shouldn't waste time on people who don't think you're worth theirs.

The people who make you unhappy
If Susan's posts about her picture-perfect life are making you unhappy, maybe it's time to unfollow her. There's no use in following someone who makes you feel jealous every time they post.

The people who make everyone's business their own
Ever have that friend who sticks her nose into everyone's business? Unfriend them because you might end up in some drama you never wanted to be in, and you'll have to hear about it from your boss if anyone from work or school uses social media.

The people who do nothing but complain
We all know or used to know a person who uses Facebook or Twitter to do nothing but complain about their life. This type of person will make you feel negative so it's best to unfriend them.

The people who post everything they do
Parents and grandparents are forgiven, but unfriend everyone who has to post a picture of their pizza lunch or their not-so-photogenic dinner, and even that person who has to announce to the whole world that they're going to take a 2-minute bathroom break.

Have you ever unfriended or unfollowed someone on social media?

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