Why Autumn Is Great For Fresh Starts

by - Sunday, September 16, 2018

If the first day of the year isn't your tune to get a fresh start in, I prefer autumn to get my fresh starts in because the first day of the year just doesn't cut it for me and it guarantees that I can stick to something new rather than give up halfway through.

School is starting again
If you have kids or if you're taking care of kids, you'll know that from late August to early-mid September is when the little kiddos go back to school. I know some of you might be out of school and you're rolling your eyes at this, but I like September to be a fresh start because you'll be just like your little ones at school, and if you have children starting school for the first time, it'll make them feel less afraid.

The crisp cool autumn air 
September is technically still hurricane season where I live, but for the most part, it's cool and crisp. I love watching the trees change color, but sadly it seems like the time of year where I have to start putting away the shorts and dresses.

Excitement for a new season
When the calendar hits September 1, almost everyone I follow on the internet immediately digs out their warmest, coziest sweaters and it's all about that pumpkin spice everything. I can appreciate the excitement for the new season and if you're in school you'll definitely have some new academic goals.

What season do you perceive as a fresh start?

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