Why Blogging Isn't An Easy Career/Hobby

by - Thursday, September 13, 2018

Blogging can be a rewarding job or hobby depending on how seriously you want to take it, but it's not the easiest job or hobby because of several reasons.

You often do everything by yourself
Unless you're a Zoella level blogger raking in tens of millions per year and can hire a whole team to help you, you're going to have to do everything by yourself. You're not only your own marketer, you're also your own photographer, your own secretary, and your own editor. However, you might have a friend or partner who is willing enough to shoot some outfits for you a few days a week.

Writer's block
The worst feeling is blogger's block when you have a ton of photos but your mind blanks on what to write about. That's the worst if you're a daily blogger, and hence why most people don't daily blog anymore. Writer's block is the worst as it can essentially kill your career if you're a full time blogger.

Photographing can be a pain 
Photographing can be a pain, mostly because of the weather, but also because certain tools like Photoshop are very expensive. Sometimes, photos even come out blurry or there's that one annoying stray hair that you can't edit out.

Most bloggers don't blog full-time
Most bloggers I follow have separate jobs, whether it's part-time or full-time. Some bloggers are even students in high school or university, meaning that on top of blogging, they have to study and do homework. Bloggers who claim they're full time bloggers often do some freelance work or brand consulting behind the scenes as well.

Burnout is real
Blogger burnout is very real when someone is so fed up with not having any ideas they abruptly quit and don't return, and that hiatus can last days, weeks, months, or forever. Blogger burnout can also happen when even when you try your damned hardest, your posts aren't getting any views and it can be the most heartbreaking feeling in the whole world. I've experienced that myself and it's extremely frustrating when you've poured your entire heart and soul in a post only for it to get 15 views.

Is blogging a hobby for you?

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