Why I Don't Belong In A Niche

by - Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Belonging in a niche is a tip that is offered to most starting bloggers, but I find that to be not true. You don't have to belong in a niche and here's why.

You're not just your niche
For me, I choose not to belong in a niche because I am more than a beauty blogger. I love writing about fashion, minimalism and simple living, anime, lifestyle, etc etc. Not belonging in a niche lets you express more of your interests without feeling restricted.

Just writing about one thing is boring
I get bored when I have to write about the same thing over and over. This is the same thing with a niche-when you're basically stuck to a niche, you're going to get bored of it fast.

You get more ideas
Not belonging in a niche allows the creativity to flow and I get more blog post ideas. Even though the flow of my posts is basically nonexistent, I find that if I don't stick to a niche, the ideas I write about allow my readers to get to know more about me, rather than being just another beauty blogger.

Certain niches are expensive to keep up with
If you've decided to plant yourself in a niche, it can be very expensive. I find that the most expensive niches are beauty because you're constantly pressured to buy new products to review it, fashion because it's a *sin* to recycle old outfits, and travel because traveling is very very expensive with airline ticket prices and hotel prices.

Do you belong in a blogging niche?

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