Why I Don't Find Beauty Blogs Inspiring Anymore

by - Saturday, September 15, 2018

Beauty blogs used to be a huge source of inspiration for me, but lately, I've found they just don't inspire me anymore for several reasons.

The same content
I've noticed that beauty blogs write the same content, albeit switched up. During this time of year,
I always see an autumnal lipstick edit or an autumnal eyeshadow palette edit. I've also seen countless posts about top five lipsticks (top five *insert random color here* lipstick), seasonal makeup edits, and so on and so forth. I stopped reading most beauty blogs because of this reason as most posts are just essentially different versions of the same blog post.

New products constantly 
I've also found that most beauty blogs I used to follow often review new products in most of their posts, which is nice, but realistically, it's not viable because most people who don't blog or even those who do blog but don't do it full time and don't receive PR can't afford a new product every week.

The same backdrop 
I've noticed that a lot of bloggers have the same backdrop-marble or white with rose gold or gold accessories and it got to the point where I didn't know whose blog I was looking at.

The pressure to constantly buy new products to review
I've found that most starting beauty bloggers or bloggers who don't get PR often feel pressured to buy products to review on their blog because in the nature of being a beauty blogger, it's natural to buy products to review but I am breaking this habit by only buying things I'm truly interested in instead of buying a product I feel like I have to review. This has cut down on my consumption of new makeup products and encourages me to use up things I already have.

Do you find beauty blogs inspiring?

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